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1 a trial of endurance; "ride out the storm" [syn: last out, stay, ride out]
2 ride better, faster, or further than; "The champion bicyclist outrode all his competitors" [also: outrode, outridden]

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iGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Homepage), a service of Google, is a customizable AJAX-based startpage much like Netvibes, Pageflakes, My Yahoo! and Windows Live Personalized Experience. It was originally launched in May 2005. Its features include the capability to add web feeds and Google Gadgets (similar to those available on Google Desktop).
It was renamed and expanded on April 30, 2007 and is currently available in many localized versions of Google (42 languages, over 70 country domain names, as of October 17, 2007).
As of April 18, 2008, Google has adopted the iGoogle page as its general user start page.



iGoogle supports the use of specially developed "gadgets" to display content on a user's page. The gadgets interact with the user and utilize the Google Gadgets API. Some gadgets developed for Google Desktop can also be used within iGoogle. The Google Gadgets API is public and allows anyone to develop a gadget for any need.
Google also allows all users to create a special gadget that does not require the use of the Gadgets API. The gadgets are designed to be shared with friends and family. The special gadgets must be created using an online wizard and must be of one of the following types:
Google has recently depreciated use of iframes and in lines in gadgets.


With iGoogle, users can select unique themes for one's Google homepage. Some of the themes are animated depending on weather conditions, the time in your area (It asks you for your location upon selecting a theme), and so on. There are also Easter eggs for the themes, for example, in the Sweet Dreams theme, at 3:14 am, a Pi sign made of stars will appear. In the Beach theme, at 3:14 am, the Loch Ness Monster appears. These last for only one minute. The sky darkens/lightens throughout the day, depending on the time.
There are many other easter eggs, which can be found here or by following the instructions here:

Artist themes

On Wednesday, April 9 (2008), Google allegedly began offering a choice of themes by professional artists. However, the link they placed on their website (see here: led nowhere, and was removed a few minutes after having been added. The themes are now operational.


The artist themes option in iGoogle provides no method for reverting to the regular iGoogle page. This is a serious flaw that Google needs to fix.

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